Welcome to our indulgent world where nostalgia meets innovation! At Crumble Foods, we've mastered the art of transforming ordinary snacks into extraordinary delights. We said goodbye to blandness and we introduce you to a realm of flavour-packed, chocolate-coated biscuits filled with a touch of childhood nostalgia.

Are you tired of settling for tasteless snacks that lack excitement? Say hello to a delicious revolution that's redefining snacking satisfaction! We've reinvented classic treats with a contemporary twist, crafting vegan and gluten-free versions that evoke the same fond memories while catering to diverse dietary needs.

Picture this: crisp, golden biscuits enveloped in rich, velvety chocolate, each bite revealing a luscious, varied filling that harks back to those cherished moments of joy. Whether it's the familiar taste of marshmallows, the zing of tangy raspberry, or the comforting sweetness of hazelnut, our range of delectable flavours promises an irresistible journey down memory lane.

  • Nostalgic Indulgence

    Relive childhood memories with our vegan chocolate-coated biscuits, reimagined to perfection. We strive to create a tasteful experience from start to finish with chocolate treats that not only look good, but taste good.

  • Premium Ingredients

    Our chocolate boasts a high cocoa content and our commitment to using natural sweeteners ensures a luxurious experience while offering a guilt-free indulgence without compromising on taste or quality.

  • Ethical Consciousness

    We prioritize the people behind our ingredients and the environment, ensuring every bite supports a sustainable and compassionate approach to snacking.