Our Journey

My journey for artisanal experiences is deeply rooted in my Eastern European heritage, where an appreciation for beauty and craft comes naturally. From a young age I was captivated by the culinary masterpieces my grandmother created, and after moving to Australia, I discovered cookbooks and would eagerly flip through them, always searching for the dessert chapters – a habit that persists to this day.

Life rarely follows a straight path, and mine has been no
exception. As a child, I would sit on the floor, mesmerized by pictures of desserts. I often skipped maths and English classes but never missed a food tech lesson. After a full day's work, I would rush home to bake, driven by my unwavering creativity. My curiosity for different ingredients and the science behind them has always fuelled my love for baking.

Sweet Magic

My first job was at McDonald's, where I insisted on working in the McCafé - a baby 13 year old plating cakes and making coffee. Since then, I have never strayed far from the food industry. At 23, disillusioned with my marketing job, I found solace in my parents' kitchen, where a pearl white KitchenAid mixer reignited my dreams. This very mixer continues to be an essential tool in my product development process.

Creating sweets that evoke cherished memories and experiences, akin to art, has always been my passion. At Crumble Charms, we honour this philosophy by crafting each product with profound respect for people, the planet, animals, and the connection that bind us all.

Since 2016, we've proudly offered the same handcrafted
treats that started it all. From our exquisite Raspberry Love Wheel to the indulgent Salted Peanut Caramello, our gourmet assortment is designed to let everyone sink into life's little luxuries every day.

With heartfelt thanks, every customer holds a special place in our journey.

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Through the years.......


dates in the blender, biscuits in the oven, granola in a jar....and the sparkle of a thought that "maybe I could start a business"


  • the spark catches and 'Naked Bakery' opens for business. 
  • menu items include custom birthday cakes, raw cheesecakes, and raw slices


  • orders grew and grew....and outgrew the home kitchen
  • signed a lease to build out a tiny commercial kitchen in a local arcade - 80sqm
  • hired our first employee 
  • started selling to more wholesale accounts 


  • received ‘the call’ from a huge NSW distributor asking if I could make them an ongoing range of baked vegan sweets....
  • answered the only way I know how to…YES!
  • took over the little bookshop next door to make some storage space!
  • hired another person 
  • expanded by selling to more stores throughout Sydney


  • made a pivotal decision to build a larger commercial kitchen 
  • moved to our first HACCP approved food factory
  • purchased our first 60L mixer and an industrial oven


  • purchased our first chocolate enrobing machine
  • continued supplying cafe's around NSW and expanded into QLD and VIC 
  • product line consists of cookies, chocolate wheels, chocolate bars, muffins, whoopie pies, cakes


  • got picked up for a Woolworths & Coles contract 
  • decided to take over the neighbours lease again and combine two factories
  • purchased a bigger chocolate enrobing machine with a cooling tunnel
  • narrowed our focus on top selling product lines - chocolate bars and wheels


  • hired two more people 
  • decided to terminate the supermarket contract after reviewing how horribly non-existent our margins were and how little time we had to focus on our brand
  • realized how grateful I was for attorneys
  • decided I needed to re-brand and start supplying our own brand
  • streamlined product line to handle production 


  • rebranded into 'Crumble Charms'
  • released bars and crumble pops
  • picked up by a distributor in each state
  • picked up by a national distributor
  • new customers include independent health food stores while continuing working with cafes
  • our Raspberry Love Wheel became a finalist in the '2024 Nourish Awards’