Our Journey

It all began back in 2016 when my cozy home kitchen accidentally transformed into a miniature bakery, crafting batch after batch of plant-based and gluten-free treats that could make anyone’s taste buds dance with delight.

Growing up in Eastern Europe, creating and baking was a beautiful norm in our culture. Starting out as a passion project and an outlet for my creative mind; it quickly grew until my chaotic little home kitchen needed an upgrade.

Sweet Magic

In 2018 I found a petite facility that felt like a sweet new home….for only a year! Just as I was settling in, the universe decided to send me another challenge. With sheer determination and a dash of magic, I landed a big distributor who we still work with to this day. This partnership led me and my incredible team to a bigger facility where dreams became cookies, and cookies became dreams.

We soon realized that our passion for creating connections for those with intolerances and allergies knew no bounds. Over the years we have rolled up our sleeves and streamlined our processes, adding production equipment that ensured every treat that left our doors was of the highest quality.

Why We Do It

My passion for creativity turned into a dedication to connect with others and spread happiness through beautifully crafted food. Our mission is to create nostalgic sweet joy that bridge the gap between flavour and dietary requirements, breaking down barriers and making everybody feel included. We are dedicated to creating a world where there is no limit to indulgence.

Our vibrant treats are created with fun flavours made from a blend of carefully sourced ingredients – we strive to embody indulgence and wellness into each treat. We are here to ensure that every bite is an experience filled with happiness and satisfaction - from the moment you unwrap our products to the last crumb, we promise a journey of delight.